22 Jan

Product photos on white

Product photos on white

I am often contacted by clients that need product photos on white.  This is great for me because its actually one my specialties.  If you are going to be selling on amazon at all they actually require that your photos meet these standards. And even if you aren’t going to be selling on amazon having professional product shots on pure web white can give you that edge to succeed over your competition.  Below are some examples of different styles of shots on white I offer.

Reflective surface

Ring Jewelry photography sean bolton product photos on white


Product photos on white Sean Bolton philadelphia photographer

With props

Edgy Product photos on white


In addition to these looks I can pretty much duplicate any look you can find on the web. If you have an idea please fire away.

10 Jan

Jewelry photography

Jewelry Photography

This past year (2016) I was contacted by Ryan over at Dylanlex. Ryan and his brother were very impressed with my jewelry photography online and we quickly set up meeting.  We sat down at a local coffee shop called La Colombe.

Ryan had been doing most of the photography for the company by himself and I could sense he was a little overwhelmed. The trouble he was having was isolating the images on a pure white background. This happens to be my specialty so this made for really excellent collaborative experience. Ryan knew exactly what he wanted, but really enjoyed the flair I was able to bring his brand.  He and I really clicked and were able to find a look that really worked with just a little back and forth.

One of my favorite things to do is to collaborate with people who have a really solid and strong vision. It makes my job so much simpler and its a lot easier to satisfy a client that knows what they want. Below you can see some samples of the jewelry photography I delivered .

earing jewelry photography by sean bolton philadelphia commercial product photographyRing Jewelry photography sean bolton product photographerjewelry photography by sean bolton philadelphia photographernecklace jewelry photography by sean bolton commercial product and jewelry photograherjewelry photography by sean bolton philadelphia photographysilver necklace jewelry photography by sean bolton philadelpiha product photographer



26 Feb

Philadelphia Photographer

Philadelphia Photographer

Here is a small piece on myself and my business. The reporter asked me about what its like to be a Philadelphia Photographer and some other things. Its below if you dont want to click the link. They even included a cool shot of the back of my head. Hope you enjoy.

Freelance photographer Sean Bolton—currently based in East Kensington—has called sections of Northeast Philadelphia home for roughly seven years.

“I like what’s happening down here, this sort of revitalization movement,” said Bolton. “There’s great houses, history and buildings. It creates a community of arts.”

Though mainly self-taught, the 33-year-old Germantown native attributes much of his knowledge to photography collective The Wonderful Machine. When he’s not touring with his band, Surgeon, Bolton mainly shoots for independent companies out of his home studio—from a handbag designer when he first started dabbling in the industry to design companies to Screen Dreams, a company known for its fireplace DVDs.

Philadelphia Photographer Sean Bolton


01 Nov

Product Photographer

Product Photographer

I recently have made some changes to my site and portfolio. The site now focuses on my digital product photography and commercial photography and my work as a product photographer.

Above is a shot I composed and captured for Tim Andreadis over at 20th Century and Fine Period Design. Tim works in the antique business. Buying antiques, reselling antiques, estate liquidation etc.  Tim hired me to get some sharp new images for his new website.

Tim had a lot of unique items. In fact none were quite the same. There were items the size of large sofas, and items as small as a bowl.  In some ways as a product photographer this can be a challenge. Setting light and composition can sometimes take up to 70% if not more of the shooting time. So as you can imagine with unique items it has to be reset each time which made it a challenge. What really made this shoot such a success was Tim’s passion for his work. He was also able to communicate to me his vision for his site, which helped me hone each image to near perfection.

I wrote this blog post  to help you understand what it takes to get the highest quality images for your needs.  From the biggest studios down to smallest of small photo shoots, the best images always come out of everyone’s ability to work together as a team. As a Product Photographer Im always looking to hear the most you have to say about what your vision is down to the most minute detail. Because ultimately you know more about what you do then anyone else.  I take this approach because it is one of the best ways to hear and get the best ideas on the table and into implementation. Which is ultimately everyone’s goal.

Product Photographer 1

Product-Photographer 1

17 Dec

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

I had the pleasure of photographing my long time friend Daniel Kennedy. I’ve always loved shooting environmental portraiture so this shoot was a blast.  Dan needed some portraits to help boost his teaching business.  I’ve know Dan for years so having the opportunity to photograph him was a great time. We’ve shared the same stage on multiple occasions over the years and its always been a blast. This experience was no different.

For this shoot we shot at a refurbished warehouse space called the Garage Mahal. It used to be an old textile factory like some many buildings in fishtown/east Kensington that was repurposed into a living/art space.

Dan is a musician and music teacher, you can check out his work at the following links.  dkennedymusic.weebly.com knomigon.com

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

14 Dec

Music Photography

Music Photography

Being a musician myself has always drawn me to photography. Every time my band needed to have a photo taken I loved the process. For this reason I loved the opportunity to get my hands dirty with some exciting music photography.

My long term friend Jace Miller (pictured below) got in touch with me. He needed some shots done for his band Alright Junior’s new album. We had performed together many times in the past so I knew they would be down for some exciting shots.

Most of these shots took place along the graffiti pier area here in the Kensington section of philadelphia.  One of my challenges in shooting in such an urban environment is how to find something new that hasn’t been done a million times before.  I feel this way for a couple reasons. One I really like the idea of taking a photo in an environment that you would never guess was possible with such limited choices. Two I really like to deliver a wide amount of variety when possible to better my chances at pleasing my clients.

The images below were photographed in construction equipment, underneath I95 and in an abandoned field near Richmond st. This shoot was a blast and I really hope to do more like this.


Music PhotographyMusic Photography 2Music Photography 3Music Photography 4

17 Aug

Gravy Studio Photo booth shots

Gravy Studio Photobooth

As you can see we all had a blast at the Gravy Studio opening.

To celebrate the Cedar St Block party opening I decided to run a similar styled photobooth to the one I did on Cedar St. The results are below.

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 5Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 12

The Gravy Gang

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 18

Face painters!

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 3

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 4

A picture of health Derek Dorsey

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 1

Tim Rayer III

Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 2


Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 16

Go Ahead and JUMP!Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 22

Scoping those abs!Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 24


Gravy Studio Photobooth Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer 25

People really like to JUMP!

I really had a blast with this project. The gang over at Gravy were really fun to work with. It was really nice to collaborate with them as well. They really were able to see some things about my work that I had overlooked. While curating the final image selection they pulled out some shots that I would have never picked and I couldn’t be more happy about the end result.

To check out what they are up to lately check out the site.


04 Aug

Artist Interview

Artist Interview

Here is a quick artist interview done by Mr. Benjamin Riley over at Gravy Studios for my gallery show . The interview covers my approach toward the project as well as why I chose to take it on. Check out the Cedar St Block Party project here.

The interview also covers how any why I got into photography. Which is pretty contrary to most photographers I’ve encountered. Most people get into photography and start shooting almost anything. In a round about way I got into photography from more of a graphic or design standpoint as an addition to other artistic projects.

Its always interesting to see my own unfiltered response to questions about my work. Its probably some of the most honest I am ever. I also can help notice how much Im blinking. Oh well. Enjoy!


artist interview

artist interview 2
Artist Interview 3

25 Feb

Execute Art Not People

Execute art not people

The following pictures of from a project I shot for called Execute Art Not People. The series was curated by Aja Beech. I’ll be hanging the photos at the Ethical Society of Philadelphia.  Friday, June 1st, 2014 in tandem with first Friday

Execute Art Not People

Aja Beech is a freelance author writing about social issues and the arts. In 2010, she was the recipient of a Leeway Art and Change Grant and, in 2011, she was named one of Philadelphia’s Creative Connectors. Her poem, “for you women,” received a nomination for a Pushcart Prize in 2012. Her poetry, short stories, and essays have appeared in Newsworks, Huffington Post, Certain Circuits, Apiary Magazine, The 5-2, Ether Books, and Three Line Poetry. Links to her work appear at processpress.wordpress.com.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_King Britt_14

King Britt is an American DJ and record producer from Philadelphia.

His musical curiosity has paved the way for the artist he is now. From composing house tunes for the legendary Strictly Rhythm and Nervous Records, djing for Sector 6 Grammy Award winning comrades Digable Planets, founded the legendary Ovum Recordings with techno wunderkind, Josh Wink, being tapped to underscore Michael Mannʼs Miami Vice and various commercials, to curating a full day at MoMA PS1 in New York, the list goes on and on.



Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Paul Santoleri_10

Supporters came to use their art to speak out against the current laws.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Natasha Reed_09

Accordingly, the art all has the focus of raising awareness of sentencing laws in Pennsylvania.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Melissa Stockton Brown and Jennifer Hoch_02

This charity and movement has meetings. Supporters have joined from all types of artists around Pennsylvania.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Lafayette Kanard Sanders_08

Presently, you can find out more at https://executeartnotpeople.wordpress.com/.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Kate Watson Wallace_13

Take a moment to sign the petition. Ultimately, we want your help to change the death penalty laws in Pennsylvania. Find out what you can do to make the politicians listen to this important issue.

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Jamie Graham_01

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Iresha Picot_12

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Gianni Lee_04

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Bianca Carasco_07

Execute Art Not People_Photography by Sean Bolton Philadelphia Photographer_Bernadette Dye_03


13 Jan

Cedar St Block Party Photo Booth

Cedar St Block Party Photo Booth

I set up a photo booth at a block party in Fishtown.  Ive always wanted to photograph more “natural” looking people instead of ego driven models and CEOs. I took this opportunity and embraced it wholeheartedly.  I was able to capture a mixture of longtime neighborhood folk and the newcomers. Fishtown is a strange place to live because there is a definite history here.  Im always curious how the new gentrifiers interact with the old schoolers. In this case It was a wonderful collaboration.

This is the same series I featured in my Gravy Gallery and Studio show. You can check Gravy out here. 

Photo Booth

babies 2

kid and unclebig f town girls

Anders3 dude with no shirt and long shorts. family fun  kid pulls away from mom