25 Nov

Catalog photography

Catalog Photography

My clients need catalog photography all the time. This usually involves a lot of different items that need to have a very consistent feel. It can be challenging in 2 ways usually. The first is that I need to photograph hundreds of items and they all need to look the same. This includes small variations like color etc. The second example is when multiple unlike items need to be photographed and have a consistent feel or look.

I recently completed a shoot for Bestwork Industries . They are located right over the bridge from me in Cherry Hill NJ. They are unique in that they produce goods manufactured by a mainly blind workforce. Their main clients are the government and the military.

They are launching a new website and need some fresh new images to help get their brands message across. We met for a brief consult and got a good idea of what they needed.  They carry a variety of products that don’t all “style” the same way.  This makes things a little more challenging at times. We actually brought in a stylist and a mannequin for the first shots you see below.

Really most of my job as a catalog photographer is as a problem solver. My clients need quality images. They understand that quality images will help them sell more. If you sell moret we both make more money.  Check out the images below for some samples of the end product.

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