17 Dec

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

I had the pleasure of photographing my long time friend Daniel Kennedy. I’ve always loved shooting environmental portraiture so this shoot was a blast.  Dan needed some portraits to help boost his teaching business.  I’ve know Dan for years so having the opportunity to photograph him was a great time. We’ve shared the same stage on multiple occasions over the years and its always been a blast. This experience was no different.

For this shoot we shot at a refurbished warehouse space called the Garage Mahal. It used to be an old textile factory like some many buildings in fishtown/east Kensington that was repurposed into a living/art space.

Dan is a musician and music teacher, you can check out his work at the following links.  dkennedymusic.weebly.com knomigon.com

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

Environmental Portraiture

14 Dec

Music Photography

Music Photography

Being a musician myself has always drawn me to photography. Every time my band needed to have a photo taken I loved the process. For this reason I loved the opportunity to get my hands dirty with some exciting music photography.

My long term friend Jace Miller (pictured below) got in touch with me. He needed some shots done for his band Alright Junior’s new album. We had performed together many times in the past so I knew they would be down for some exciting shots.

Most of these shots took place along the graffiti pier area here in the Kensington section of philadelphia.  One of my challenges in shooting in such an urban environment is how to find something new that hasn’t been done a million times before.  I feel this way for a couple reasons. One I really like the idea of taking a photo in an environment that you would never guess was possible with such limited choices. Two I really like to deliver a wide amount of variety when possible to better my chances at pleasing my clients.

The images below were photographed in construction equipment, underneath I95 and in an abandoned field near Richmond st. This shoot was a blast and I really hope to do more like this.


Music PhotographyMusic Photography 2Music Photography 3Music Photography 4

13 Jan

Cedar St Block Party Photo Booth

Cedar St Block Party Photo Booth

I set up a photo booth at a block party in Fishtown.  Ive always wanted to photograph more “natural” looking people instead of ego driven models and CEOs. I took this opportunity and embraced it wholeheartedly.  I was able to capture a mixture of longtime neighborhood folk and the newcomers. Fishtown is a strange place to live because there is a definite history here.  Im always curious how the new gentrifiers interact with the old schoolers. In this case It was a wonderful collaboration.

This is the same series I featured in my Gravy Gallery and Studio show. You can check Gravy out here. 

Photo Booth

babies 2

kid and unclebig f town girls

Anders3 dude with no shirt and long shorts. family fun  kid pulls away from mom

23 Feb

Jon Foy in The Philadelphia Weekly

Philadelphia Weekly

Philadelphia Weekly Jon Foy by Sean Bolton
This is a potytsoy of Jon Foy. John is a director. This shot made the cover of the Philadelphia Weekly. Jon and friends Justyn Duerr and Steve Weinik were recently excepted into the Sundance Film Festival for their documentary Resurrect Dead. A documentary where they researched the origin of the Toynbee Tiles .  Even if youve never heard of the Toynbee tiles before you may have come across them.  Check out this wikipedia article about them for the background. But also check out my friend Steve’s photo gallery of the shots here. 

If you dont have time to check out those links. The film covers a mysterious street artist who’s cryptic street tile art has reached people across the globe.