01 Nov

Product Photographer

Product Photographer

I recently have made some changes to my site and portfolio. The site now focuses on my digital product photography and commercial photography and my work as a product photographer.

Above is a shot I composed and captured for Tim Andreadis over at 20th Century and Fine Period Design. Tim works in the antique business. Buying antiques, reselling antiques, estate liquidation etc.  Tim hired me to get some sharp new images for his new website.

Tim had a lot of unique items. In fact none were quite the same. There were items the size of large sofas, and items as small as a bowl.  In some ways as a product photographer this can be a challenge. Setting light and composition can sometimes take up to 70% if not more of the shooting time. So as you can imagine with unique items it has to be reset each time which made it a challenge. What really made this shoot such a success was Tim’s passion for his work. He was also able to communicate to me his vision for his site, which helped me hone each image to near perfection.

I wrote this blog post  to help you understand what it takes to get the highest quality images for your needs.  From the biggest studios down to smallest of small photo shoots, the best images always come out of everyone’s ability to work together as a team. As a Product Photographer Im always looking to hear the most you have to say about what your vision is down to the most minute detail. Because ultimately you know more about what you do then anyone else.  I take this approach because it is one of the best ways to hear and get the best ideas on the table and into implementation. Which is ultimately everyone’s goal.

Product Photographer 1

Product-Photographer 1